Journal to Success

What is Journaling?

Journal writing is a simple and effective way to get to know yourself more deeply.

It can be one of the most powerful ways of gaining a greater understanding of who you are, how you came to be that way and where you are heading at any one time in your life.

By choosing to keep track of thoughts, feelings and events, you make the process of journaling a very honest and revealing art. It is an effective way for you to hear yourself, record and then re-view your problems or challenges with greater clarity.

Journaling is a way for you to affirm and challenge your beliefs about yourself.

Take note – Journals are not diaries!, people confuse the idea of journals and diaries.

Journaling is very different from diaries in the approach, it does not simply detail external events and situations, the journal can take on many different forms from words to pictures or drawings and is based on showing us how we process our thoughts and how we feel and respond to events, challenges and people we encounter in our day to day lives – personally and in business situations.

Sometimes, in a busy day or during an emotionally trying time, our thoughts may be like small blasts of  energy and our “self-talk” occurs so quickly that the content is often missed, leaving us feeling the resulting emotions.

By journaling, we can slow down  our thoughts and take a moment to step back and reflect and review the feelings, and thoughts behind our emotions and actions.

The process of journaling is real, and can be raw, challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

Success Vision provides an online self-guided journaling program – a free online  journal  – providing you the opportunity to experience the joys of journaling for yourself.

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(Acknowledgements Part of this explanation was provided by
Edith Cowan University Student Services Centre Tip Sheet – Editor: Mel Johnston)