Success Circle

The Mastermind Gathering Group – Coaching for
Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

To provide a way to stay in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs, I decided to start the Success Circle Mastermind Gathering. A group coaching opportunity for those Entrepreneurs who may be new to coaching or perhaps love the interaction that only a group of fellow business owners can give!

This a group of dynamic business owners co-creating success through the Win-Win atmosphere of shared information and problem solving.

Each of us came to the decision to be entrepreneurs based on life experience, abilities and talents. By sharing the lessons we’ve learned from our successes and our not so successes, we can learn from each other and grow our businesses to be stronger and even more successful.

My vision in creating the Success Circle Mastermind Gathering was to provide a place for entrepreneurs to share the benefits of uncovering the challenges in business with others of like-mind who believe in integrity in business and the value of creating positive solutions.

For information on manifesting a Success Circle Mastermind Gathering for you and your peers please contact RoseAnn.

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